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Lord save us from your filmmakers

Last night I had the pleasure of viewing a new documentary entitled Lord Save Us From Your Followers.  The film uses a style reminiscent of Morgan Spurlock to examine "why the gospel of love is dividing America."  A number of devices are used, including the confession booth concept from Blue Like Jazz, to examine various aspects of the relation of the church to the rest of the world.  Since this is an American film, it touches on abortion, gay marriage, and bumper-sticker ethics.  In other words, this film is a critique of the "culture wars."

The film is not only deconstructive, however, and some positive examples of church-world interactions are explored. I believe that this movie is for virtually everyone.  You are a Christian?  See it.  You know a Christian?  See it.  You once heard something about Jesus?  See it.  And bring your friends.  It will foster a conversation that will help us live a better life together.

Then why the snarky post title ("Lord save us from your filmmakers") if I love the film so much?  Well, it is just a play on the film's title which picks up on the self-deprecating (and more importantly, repentant) tone of the film.  Perhaps an alternate title would be "Lord save us from your bloggers."