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Inaccessible Scholarship

A while back Mike Aubrey brought up the plight of Buist Fanning's Verbal Aspect of New Testament GreekIt is \$240 per copy. That effectively makes it out of reach for everyone but libraries and the richest scholars. The reason it is so expensive is because it is published only as hardback and printed only on-demand. Aubrey has initiated a letter-writing campaign to get the work published in a more affordable form (paperback, or perhaps electronic). This is, of course, a laudible goal, because this work is very important for New Testament scholarship. I would take it a step further, though. It seems that Fanning is not at liberty to take his work to another publisher (I am sure many presses would be quite interested in his book). The reason for this is apparently the licensing terms which Oxford University places on its doctoral candidates' dissertations and monographs. I think this stands as an important warning for Christian scholars: If you want your work to be beneficial to others, you need to be careful about licensing terms.