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Potent Paragraph on Pacifism

I was directed to this article by Jason Barr, "Things I don't/do believe":

I don’t believe pacifism means being passive. I do believe that resistance to evil must be grounded in an imaginative narrative that is more robust and inspiring than the mythology that engenders evil. I believe that an important part of beginning to create a better world is imagining the ways in which another world is possible. I believe that the purpose of resistance is not necessarily first and foremost to bring down and replace evil powers and principalities, but to witness to the truth of God who is in us and works through us. God is the one who breaks the power of death and hell, but through our resistance to them we are granted the ability to participate in God’s work.

First of all, notice the place for imagination in the practice of pacifism. This is partly why science fiction is useful for theology. It allows us to imagine something completely different from our present society. Barr discusses the importance of the arts later in the article, which helps support this idea.

Second, notice that Christian anarchism is non-revolutionary anarchism. As Christians dedicated to overcoming evil with good, we cannot tear down the social orders with violence. However, we can live without coercing others in brotherly love.