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The sin of not reading Whitehead

I first encountered Colson Whitehead's literature at Portland's Wordstock expo. I bought The Intuitionist and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Since then I've also immensely enjoyed John Henry Daysand Apex Hides the Hurt. Whitehead truly is among the best of American novelists writing today.

Therefore, when I heard of a new Whitehead novel, Sag Harbor, I instantly reserved it at the library. However, for some insane reason which defies memory, I did not read it when I was finally able to check it out. Truly a mistake. But tonight I've rectified that mistake. I'm not sure why, but a whim took a hold of me as we were at a routine pickup at our local library. I checked under "W" and against all odds, Whitehead's new novel was there. So now I will partake, and enjoy, and repent.