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A conflict of Interest?

Pat Sajak has written a blurb entitled "Public Employees and Elections: A Conflict of Interest?" over at NRO. In it he argues that maybe public employees have a conflict of interest on certain ballot measures. He doesn't come right and say they should be disenfranchised, but that is the subtext of his post. Sajak apparently grasps the implicit problem of saying that only public employees are affected by electoral issues:

Of course we all have a stake in one way or another in most elections, and many of us tend to vote in favor of our own interests. However, if, for example, a ballot initiative appears that might cap the benefits of a certain group of state workers, should those workers be able to vote on the matter? Plainly, their interests as direct recipients of the benefits are far greater than the interests of others whose taxes support such benefits.

If there was a ballot initiative to lower business taxes, private sector workers should be excluded too, no? After all, they would be voting themselves a direct benefit at the cost of other taxpayers. And the parents of school-age children should not be able to vote for public school bonds, according to that logic. Let's keep Pandora's box closed, Mr. Sajak.

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