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The Work of the Church

This week I concluded my three year term on the vestry of my church. It was somewhat anti-climactic, though I know some better closure will come at our annual meeting, where my replacement will be elected. Alas, I have to give up my special red name tag and return to plain old brown.

I don't think I was a particularly good vestry member. I was not very attentive to my various responsibilities. We did not implement any significant contributions I suggested, because I did not really suggest any. I hope someday to be a better vestry member.

In being on the vestry you learn a lot about the work of the church. That includes both ministries and business. I am somewhat inclined to think that churches in America should not incorporate, though I have not weighed all the potential benefits to being a corporation. It is just that so much time and energy is directed away from ministry and into the ephemeral concerns of paying the bills, consulting with the lawyer, and negotiating contracts with tenants. Perhaps in the future I will put forth more effort into such a study.

This phase of my work in the church has ended. I have been shedding responsibilities in general since we had Elias, so I will be laying low for a while. But I can see there will be more work for me to do in the future.

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