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The Beatitudes in the mirror

While listening to the reading of the Beatitudes in church this morning, I decided to see in what ways I am "blessed" according to Jesus' teaching:

  • poor in spirit
  • meek
  • mournful
  • hungering and thirsting for righteousness
  • merciful
  • pure of heart
  • peacemaker
  • persecuted

In an honest reflection, I think hungering and thirsting for righteousness is my strongest suit. I'd like to think that my actions embody the value I place on justice.

Regarding the others, I am weak. Those who know me realize that I am neither poor in spirit nor meek. I am not particularly mournful, and I am not just sure how mercy would be displayed in my life. I do not have much experience with making peace, and I am certainly not persecuted for Jesus' sake.

As our preacher pointed out this morning, I do not think a Christian must aspire for all of these. However, I can certainly see some areas for improvement by reflecting on this teaching.

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