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Memory Verse Rank update

I've updated the Memory Verse Rank site to what will probably be its final form. Here are the basic changes I made:

  • Changed the color scheme and fonts, and added an icon.
  • Changed some instances of "rank" to "rate" to make a semantic distinction between the act of rating a verse and the overall rankings.
  • Now drawing from among all the Bible books, instead of just Ephesians.
  • Instead of trying to choose a random Bible verse, I will be using the ESV API's built-in "random" verse function. It returns a passage from a pre-picked set. This has two advantages for the site: 1) it solves some technical difficulties in implementing random verse selection from such a large dataset, and 2) it will keep the pool of memorable verses from becoming too diluted.

Someday I made add support for user accounts, but not for now. I'll just let the site run and see what happens. Tell your friends.