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The American system

There are days when I am tempted by this sentiment:

The American political system works, if only the people will keep to the founders' principles.

But I realize that the above is only another way of saying "the American system doesn't work." If the constitutional democratic republic must perpetually be met with a chorus of "you're doing it wrong," maybe that system does not effectively take human nature into account.

I have little faith in the American system in the current circumstances. Our leaders are not able to fix systemic problems because doing so is electoral suicide. As an example, most Americans would like to see federal spending reduced. It just so happens that the vast majority of federal spending is comprised of programs which the people are not willing to cut. Sometimes the right thing to do in the long term is not popular in the now.

We find ourselves in a third war this week. I do not care if we are just "enabling" other countries to enforce a UN mandated no-fly zone. It was an act of aggression nonetheless. There was no check on the Executive's power by congress. We cannot survive this behavior as a nation, and our political systems seems to lack the necessary corrective force.

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