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Lay off Mr. Bonds

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I never cared for Barry Bonds. He was simply not likable as a baseball player, in spite of his prowess on the field. Plus he played for the Giants, so as I Dodger fan I had no choice but to spurn him. Nonetheless I find myself agreeing with people who think that the ongoing perjury case against Bonds is foolish.

Perjury oft seems to be the recourse of prosecutors who could not make a proper case. I doubt that most perjury cases are pursued in the interest of truth and justice. It's sour grapes. So I always feel bad for someone when the government is going after them for supposedly lying in the course of an investigation, when the investigation itself was fruitless.

This particular case is abundantly silly. The subject is not a matter of grave importance to the state. Rather, it is about the use of drugs in pro sports. Is that what federal prosecutors are going to the mat over? I suppose it will serve as a cautionary tale: "Attention aspiring pro athletes of America! Do not lie about your performance-enhancing drug use to a federal grand jury. Or else!" Or something like that. Let's just drop the case and move on.

I, for one, think Barry Bonds deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. (That may be the most difficult sentence I have ever typed.) Even before he bulked up and starting smashing homerun records, he was one of the great players of the game. And I do not hold the steroid use against him. He was just the highest profile case at the end of the steroid era in baseball. So many players used, it is not really even worth talking about a single athlete.

Let Barry Bonds enjoy his legacy (if possible). His alleged steroid use just be punished with a second-ballot entry to the Hall of Fame, not with a felony. As for us fans who disliked him so, we can relish the fact that he never managed to win a World Series.

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