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Biblical violence in the mirror

John Hobbins writes one of my favorite blogs, Ancient Hebrew Poetry. He has a recent post entitled "War and Peace in the Bible" which serves as an anchor to his thoughts and writings on the subject of violence in the Hebrew Bible. I'll quote a rather thought-provoking segment:

In place of the vision of a millennium and a new heavens and a new earth found in texts like Isaiah 65-66 and Revelation 20-22, our age has been dominated by visions of secular philosophers. As a result no period of history has been darker and more blood-soaked than ours. . . . If that is the reality, if our own governments act and fail to act on the flimsiest of grounds, it is at least the case that the blood-soaked pages of the Bible may turn out to be a mirror of our own contradictions.

Perhaps a mirror is not the best description. It could be that the violence of the modern era outstrips that of the Bible. John continues with ten theses on violence in the Bible, four of which are backed by other posts. I commend them to your reading.