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Natural Language Processing with Python

I was browsing through a local bookshop's computer section recently and saw a title which instantly grabbed my attention: Natural Language Processing with Python. It was a bit more expensive than I wanted to pay at that moment, but I thought I may save up.

As it happily turns out, the entire book is available online under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND). This is the sort of thing which makes me really happy. I am going to be checking it out, and if it is useful enough, I may buy to paper copy to thank the authors and O'Reilly for publishing such a great book.

The book is focused mostly on the Natural Language Tool Kit (nltk) Python module, which is available under an Apache license. I had never used it before, but it looks fairly capable. I must admit I was somewhat surprised that Google finds relatively few pertinent results when searching for "nltk new testament greek" or "nltk biblical studies." The library seems quite suited to the field, so I am surprised it is not more popular among Bible scholars. If nltk is any good, I intend to change that.