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SBL Greek Language and Linguistics opening up

Via Mike Aubrey, some very good news from Randall Tan and Cynthia Westfall, co-chairs of the SBL Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics section:

Starting with 2011, we are strongly encouraging all presenters to make available on our website any content from their presentations at [SBL Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics] sessions that they are willing to make public for distribution. This information can be submitted both before & after presentation at SBL. This content can be extended abstracts/summaries (beyond what has previously been submitted to the SBL program book), handouts, PowerPoint presentations, links to online content from presenters’ own websites/blogs, etc., up to & including full papers.

Sharing data, papers, and presentations about biblical studies is a good thing. There is little doubt that this website will become an important resource in short order. I am glad to see SBL embracing the importance of centralizing and sharing this information. There is nothing about licensee standardization so it seems they will take anything. Hopefully we'll see a lot of Creative Commons licensed work posted.