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Two notes

James McGrath has a new book entitled Religion and Science Fiction.This fusion has for quite some time been a favorite for me, so I am excited to see such a title published. McGrath is doing a pretty awesome job marketing the book on his blog as well (I approve of humorous photo edits). Now I have at least one book for my Christmas list.

John Hobbins reports that another denomination has rejected the NIV 2011. However the reason is a bit different than the Southern Baptist Convention:

The issue of whether or not to adopt NIV 2011 was forced on WELS Lutherans by the copyright owners of NIV. The copyright owners, beginning in 2013, will disallow the use of NIV 1984 in Sunday school materials and other official publications of denominations which have, until now, paid hefty royalties. WELS Lutherans would have gladly continued with NIV 1984 and paid for the privilege to do so.

Another benefit of freely-licensed Bible translations would be the avoidance of this sort of situation. The decision to stop licensing the previous version clearly benefits Zondervan, but not the church.