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American political football

Glenn Greenwald on the killing of US Citizen Anwar al-Awlaki:

Well, one thing that is obvious, is that voting for Democrats as opposed to Republicans doesn’t help. In fact, if you read The New York Times article from 2010 confirming that Awlaki is on the hit list, it makes clear that there’s been no instances where George Bush ordered American citizens targeted for assassination, that this is extraordinary and perhaps an unprecedented step under the Democratic president. . . . So, I think if Americans cared about the constitutional rights the pretended to care about under George Bush, Democrats in particular, they would be very vocally protesting and objecting to this. But, the problem is that, the opportunity to use these issues as a means to undermine Republican politicians is now gone, and so, many people who, three years ago, were pretending to care about these things, no longer do.

Yes, that is American political football. Conversely, within one election cycle the Republicans have become a peace party and champions of limited government once more. So what if one wants to change the game instead of perpetuating the back-and-forth? Greenwald, in the gap in the quote above:

What people in the Arab world did, when their leaders did things like imprison them, let alone kill them, and their fellow citizens without trials, is they went out into the streets and protested and demanded that it stop. It’s hard to see how voting for one of these two parties is going to end these extraordinary excesses in violations of the constitution; it clearly doesn’t. Something outside of that system is necessary to address it. That’s been proven.

So are Americans going to hit the streets? The Occupy Wall Street campaign could be a beginning, though it does not seem to have much popular support thus far.

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