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Greek for "blog"

I was reading a comment composed in Greek on a blog the other day and found that it used το βλογ for "blog." That is essentially a transliteration. But I started wondering what a good translation would be.

"Blog" is the result of "web" and "log." I think we can take λογος as a sufficient analog for "log." But what about the "web" part?

I often think of the "web" analogically as a spider web. The Greek for this is αραχνη, but that seems too specific to spiders. The other possibility would be "net," which made me think of δικτυον (commonly used in the context of fishing, but not exclusively). This seems to be the better match, since the modern Greek word for "internet" is Διαδικτυο.

So I propose δικτυλογος as a Greek translation of blog. Google has no results for it, so I could be a trend-setter (or a complete dork). Please comment with alternative suggestions or corrections.

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