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Brandon Sanderson's Warbreakeris available online under a Creative Commons license, so I decided it would be perfect for use playing around with the Natural Language Toolkit. So here is some basic info based on the examples in the Natural Language Processing with Python book:

  • Total words: 201,388
  • Vocabulary size: 9,412
  • Lexical diversity: 21.4
  • Words longer than 7 letters appearing more than 100 times:
  • - anything - Bluefingers - Blushweaver - Hallandren - Lifeless - Lightsong - Llarimar - Nightblood - princess - Returned - servants - something - Susebron
  • Collocations:
  • - God King - Tonk Fah - [character] said (9x) - Pahn Kahl - fell silent - serving women - high priest - could see - God Kings - Either way - Iridescent Tones - someone else

And last but not least, some Random Sanderson:

Prologue It' s find out. "No," Vivenna said . "Oh, dear," Lightsong said as soon as they walked toward the royal family. Service for a few snips later, he was left chilled by how often she got used to moving with terrible speed. Vivenna turned as Denth. He took the evening off and do something? Was he chosen to sleep with the sword free of all those colors, even with awkward Commands. Blushweaver smiled. Vivenna didn't run from us."You saved."