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Biblical languages reception debrief

This past week my alma mater Multnomah University celebrated its 75th anniversary. As part of the festivities several receptions (or reunions) were planned. Most of these meetings were arranged by class year, but the big exception was the one for Biblical languages. I decided that the prospect of a meet-up with faculty, classmates, and current students was a can't-miss event, so I even delayed the start of my vacation to attend.

I arrived at the reception room a bit before the scheduled start time. The room was empty and the lights were off. However people started streaming in shortly thereafter. I was pleased when I recognized many of the people coming in the door. Overall there were four faculty members (under three of whom I studied), three alumni including myself, and perhaps a dozen current students.

It felt good to be recognized by old faculty, and apparently my thesis Short Goliath is still remembered. I was saddened that the almuni turnout was so low, but not particularly surprised. The faculty asked us to share a bit about the post-college experience of Biblical languages with the students. I recommended that folks get involved with online communities centered on Greek and Hebrew.

After the brief introductions, we split up to socialize. I think our group had the most fun of all he reunions. The Biblical Languages room was the most full, and certainly the loudest (with laughter ringing out almost non-stop). It was fun, it felt like family. The shared experience of learning languages leads to a lot of laughter and boding. I am glad I went.

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