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Readings for March 2012

My wife and I both read quite a bit, though rarely from the same authors. We are constantly recommending books to each other, but rarely actually acting on those recommendations. So this past February we agreed to start a new tradition: the book each of us started first in March would be chosen by the other. I chose Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn for my wife. I ended up losing a bet and she got to choose two for me. The second was pretty long, and due to that and other distractions, I did not finish it in March. But as for the first . . .

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This is the novel which everyone is reading. I see it on mass transit as often as Harry Potter, the Twilight series, or the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the past. My wife had been a fan of Suzanne Collins' work due to being a teacher, and she had read this work quite a while ago, and has finished the entire trilogy.

I really loved this book, but I dreaded reading. The premise of violence against children at the hands of children is disturbing. It even inspired a rather lengthy post on the topic of violence in our society. In spite of the discomfort of reading it, I found the story quite compelling. It is a great narrative of how institutional violence can twist us out of our humanity. But, in spite of the pervasiveness of evil, we can resist it and nonetheless have hope.

I have high hopes for the rest of the series, and have been assured that I will not be disappointed. For what its worth, I saw the film and it was pretty good as well. Recommended.