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Welcome to the past and future of the arts

My favorite band Starflyer 59 had a successful campaign to raise funds for a new studio album. By appealing directly to the public for funding, they are able to produce the album without the assistance of a record label. This way the band can be paid to make the album and reap all of the rewards for the subsequent sales.

Patronage is the classical method for funding the arts. And it is the future as well. This current age of reaping royalties via copyright restrictions is coming to an end. It was an aberration of our culture caused by the rise of mass media preceding the democratization of media through the internet. The result will be fewer millionaire artists and billionaire record moguls, but it will be better for our culture.

There are currently two hits for "Bible translation" on Kickstarter. Someday a major Bible translation project will be financed this "new" way, and the publishers will make their money from selling physical copies, not from licensing the translations. I'm looking forward to it.