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Readings for May 2012

This month it was all periodicals, all the time. I started a novel, went on vacation, and enjoyed some other pursuits as well.


  • Scientific American - April 2012: Michael J. Parks shares a fascinating article about human breath holding; what we know, and the surprising amount that we don't.
  • Scientific American - May 2012: "Erasing Painful Memories: Drug and Behavioral Therapies Will Help Us Forget Toxic Thoughts" by Jerry Adler evokes dystopian Sci-Fi. I wonder if the author realized the connection with the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  • Haprer's - June 2012: Genevieve Smith's "In recovery: Twelve steps to prosperity" describes Under-earners Anonymous. It is a sign of the time, like seeing a car adorned with college stickers adorned with a Pizza Hut delivery vehicle sign.
  • Scientific American - June 2012: The cover story on bacteria in the human body is positively fascinating. I also was fascinated by the update on ITER, an international project to harness fusion power. More power to them, if it can be done.
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