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A real betrayal of the US Constitution

I find it odd how upset some Americans are getting about a Supreme Court decision which affirms the right of the government to require citizens to purchase health insurance. After all, we the people have already empowered the same government to imprison and execute criminals, wage war, and even kill a substantial portion of the people on earth with nuclear weapons.

What's more, the very same administration of President Obama has killed an American citizen overseas without due process. That is an explicit violation of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Yet I do not hear a great uproar.

I am certain that not many people are complaining because Anwar al-Awlaki was a propagandist who incited terrorists to attack the people of the United States. But people need to consider the implications of the precedent which was set by his killing, and what it means for executive power in this country. What happens if they want to kill someone like him inside the US? What happens if they want to kill another type of criminal abroad?

I do not want to denigrate anyone's political opinions on Obama's health care plan. But I encourage people to look at this other, graver offense, and make their objections heard.

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