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Readings for September 2012

I made some progress on periodicals this month. I've also been working slowly through Rabbit, Run by Updike, but keep getting distracted by other reads. Next month I hope to finish off a collection of zombie-themed short stories in honor of All Hallows Read.


  • Scientific American, January 2012 - The prodigal issue returns! I left this issue on holiday and only recently got it back. Glad to fill up the hole in my reading log. Michael Webber's article on energy wastage in food production was a real eye-opener.
  • Harper's, September 2012 - David Samuels' account of attending consecutive Obama fundraisers in different contexts is good highlight of the perils of Democracy. Unsurprisingly, politicians tailor their message to extract donations.
  • Harper's, October 2012 - Kevin Baker's essay "Why Vote?" is obviously right up my alley. The basic problem - the public doesn't hold politicians accountable for the inevitable shift from campaign rhetoric to realpolitik.
  • Scientific American, July 2012 - Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa's article on machine learning felt familiar thanks to my recent foray into natural language processing. I am still baffled as to why this is called "machine learning." Computational power and database technology combine to offer insights into data. The computer of course still has no idea of the significance of what it relates.
  • Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 2011 - Yes, I am quite behind on this one. This article offered an update on the debate over how the Dead Sea Scrolls came to their hiding place and who put them there.
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