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Announcing Spigot

I am a StatusNet user (find me @nds on, and from time to time I like to automatically share links to blog posts and other syndicated content on my account. There are some excellent tools to do this, but I was left wanting. Tricklepost has the great feature of being able to limit the rate at which posts come through. However it has the rather onerous requirement of a full-blown mysql install and is not very flexible. is a service which can post to many types of accounts (not just StatusNet), but it is also a full web application and does not have rate-limiting. I wanted something fairly light which I could run on my local system as a cron job.

So I wrote my own. Well, sort of: I stood on the shoulders of the Identicurse project, which had already implemented Python bindings to the StatusNet API.

Spigot is a rate-limiting feed aggregator to StatusNet accounts. It requires only Python 2.6 or greater, standard library modules, and a couple of 3rd-party modules which are easily accessible via the Python package index. It can poll an arbitrary number of feeds and post to an arbitrary number of accounts. You can set a minimum interval between posts for each feed. See the project page for information on obtaining and running it.

This is the first major Python project I've seen from start to finish, so I am fairly proud. Please contact me with any bugs or requests or patches.