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Readings for December 2012

Another great year is in the books. I'll proclaim 2013 as the year of getting caught up on peridocials.

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

The Great HuntI am still pledging to take the Wheel of Time series one book at a time. I am not committing to read the whole thing. But with this second installment I'll definitely be moving on to the third.

Jordan does a good job of moving the story forward and unveiling some new layers of the mystery in this volume. I can honestly say the ending portion of the novel had me turning pages at a furious pace, wanting to find out what would happen.

I get the feeling there are some fairly significant aspects of the story yet to be revealed, because if anything, this volume maybe pushed the story a bit too far in the context of a 14-book series. I am looking forward to the next one. Recommended.


  • Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet # 19 - This past summer I received a large portion of the back issues for LCRW. As usual this one had some delightful little stories. I still have a half-dozen or more on the shelf, so I should be reporting more and more.
  • Tin House #53 - The Portland/Brooklyn issue did not disappoint. After all, how could an issue which includes a story by Ursula K. LeGuin fall short? Bonus points for them creating a [mix-tape][] for the twin homes of the magazine.

Year-End Notes

In 2012 I read:

  • 30 magazines
  • 24 books
  • 13,384 pages
  • or about 37 pages per day