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Readings for March 2013

Better late than never.


  • Journal of Biblical Literature 131:2 - I cannot recall any standout articles, but I do have a general sense of being convinced by several and thinking relatively few were silly.
  • Scientific American November 2012 -┬áR. Ewan Fordyce and Daniel T. Ksepka reveal some surprising history about the ancestors of modern penguins. My favorite tidbit: some were huge!

Zone One by Colson Whitehead

I first encountered Colson Whitehead when I found The Inuitionist at the Portland Wordstock book fair. I have read it twice since, along with all of Whitehead's other novels, enjoying them all immensely. From time to time when I am at the bookstore I browse the "W" section to see if I am in for a surprise, and I sure was this last visit to Powell's.

Colson Whitehead wrote a zombie novel. And it is good, very good. I have not read a whole of zombie lit, but I would hazard to say that Zone One is the best example of this current rash of zombie novels. He of course deals with the topic with some fresh perspectives on the zombie metaphor, but has some fun along the way as well. I laughed out loud fairly frequently whilst reading it.

So let's just say that with Zone One, this latter day pop culture fixation on zombies is over. Whitehead has taken it to the zenith, and is therefore to be recommended.