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I, Commish: If I ruled Major League Baseball

Bud Selig will retire as the Commissioner of Major League Baseball after next season. His tenure certainly has been eventful. Under his oversight the league experienced the 1994 strike, expansion and the wildcard format, inter-league play, and the steroid era. The league has never been more popular or profitable, yet Selig is a controversial figure, and will leave a mixed legacy.

I started to imagine how I would execute the job of MLB commissioner. And I let my imagination get a bit carried away, because I also imagined that I had total control of the league, which the office clearly does not. Still I came up with a series of changes I would like to see made to the game. Some are realistic, some are not. Some reflect baseball traditionalism, and some are out of left field. I'll share a bunch of these ideas in a forthcoming series of posts: "I, Commish."

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