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For quite some time I have been interested by the prospect of converting this blog to a static format. This has been for various reasons, ease of maintenance and security concerns being foremost. I tried various static blog generators, but found little to love in them.

But then some time in the past year I discovered Pelican and knew it was the platform for me. It's based on Python after all! So I had some aborted attempts at a conversion. In case you are wondering, converting a mature WordPress blog to another format is not always easy. Thankfully there is an import tool with Pelican, and a number of configurable options to help match the new environment to the old as much as possible.

I have endeavored to preserve links where prudent. So this includes links to posts, pages, and the syndicated feed. Links to categories, tags, and particular index pages may be broken.

The hardest part of this conversion required the decision to remove comments from posts. This blog will not be using a public commenting system in the future. Pelican offers Disqus, but that is not a solution I would prefer. If you would like to comment on a post, please email me, and I may add it to the site. I will see if I can develop a way to add existing comments back to their respective posts.

So that's it. Onward and upward.

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