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Readings for January 2018

Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson

There is a an elephant in the room, and that elephant is Sanderson's massive new novel Oathbringer. I have this giant feat of printing and binding, and have indeed already begun reading it. But in order to get myself ready to re-enter the world of the Stormlight Archive, I decided to read the novella Edgedancer.

What's great about smaller Sanderson works is that they can wander a bit from the style and tone of his showcase series. So the main character of Edgedancer, a slippery young girl named Lift can embody a humor and irreverence which is refreshing in the context of the overall work.

It's a short book. It's entertaining. I recommend it.

The Fly Trap by Fredrik Sjöberg

This is another one of my library serendipities. I saw The Fly Trap displayed in the lobby of my local library and was immediately struck by the oddity of it: the funny title, the Swedish author, the simplistic jacket design. I had to get it.

So Fredrik Sjöberg wrote a thin volume about flies, and the history of a certain entomologist (René Malaise). But it is so much more than that. Can you believe that this funny little book is full of poignant moments and thoughtful observations on life in general? And it is actually a pretty fascinating primer on hover flies and entomology.

I certainly recommend it.


  • Harper's November 2017