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Readings for November 2016

Something long, and something new.

Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

I feel like I am becoming something of a broken record in these Wheel of Time reviews. I bogged down and took long breaks from this novel to get through it. It just seemed like every time I picked it up, the same characters were in the same places, ruminating over the same problems, with nothing ever changing, chapter after chapter. "Marking time" was the description I used in my last review.

If Lord of Chaos was employing this slow-down for character development, I think it would be OK. However there's no amount of character development which could justify this volume of text. Once again it could have been four or five hundred pages shorter and done better by me as a reader.

At this point I am not recommending the series except to die-hard readers, and perhaps to those who want exposure to an important piece in the history of the fantasy genre. I will of course be continuing.

And Soon I Heard a Roaring Wind by Bill Streever

And now for something completely different. I love libraries, don't you? One of the best parts of a library is the "new books" shelf, which at the local library I have been haunting has one side dedicated to fiction, and the other to non-fiction. On a recent visit I chose one from each side. The fiction entry will be covered next month, but for non-fiction, it was Bill Streever's And Soon I Heard a Roaring Wind.

This book is about wind as a natural phenomenon, but mostly about the history of weather forecasting. It is the sort of casual non-fiction book which I have in the past enjoyed very much but lately had mostly given up on, for whatever reason. It was fully of interesting stories and delightful discoveries and was just plain fascinating.

My only criticism has to do with the structure of the story. Streever frames his delivery of the material on a sailing voyage he undertook with his wife. The voyage itself is mostly boring and a bit anticlimactic (hey, not everything is drama), so while it did provide for topical jumping-off points, it was mostly pretty dull.

Still recommended.


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