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We only have what we remember (music for July 2011)

It has been several years since I began listening to Me Without You. I must admit that at first I simply did not "get" their music. However as time went by I came to really appreciate the music, the lyrics, and Aaron Weiss' idiosyncratic delivery. Now It's All Crazy, etc. is one of my very favorite records. Acquiring a taste for Me Without You has led to my interest in Listener.

[][]"Talk music" is the genre label I most often hear associated with Listener. That probably is not the best descriptor, but it will do. Dan Smith's delivery is not sung, but it is nonetheless somewhat melodic. Most of all it is passionate, and that I can appreciate. I understand that many people will think that Listener makes Bob Dylan sound like a chorus of angels. But the "talk music" medium is part of the message: raw presentation of the story unadorned by vanities. Additionally the lyrics are top-notch. I have really appreciated what I have encountered so far. Check out Wooden Heart for a start.

Through a trial membership to an online music service I have finally checked out Bon Iver. The hype over the new album was ubiquitous in my circles of the internet, so I decided I must at least listen once. I really enjoyed both albums on the first hearing. Granted I am literally still on day one with Bon Iver, but I think I'll be sticking with them.