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Were the whole realm of nature mine


"Were the whole realm of nature mine; That were a present far too small"

I have been enjoying myself in reading science magazines lately. There is just something so excellent about creation. It is wondrous and awe-inspiring. The most educated person could never reach the bottom of all that is interesting and good about our universe. This sentiment has led me to read more about science, to purchase books on plants and birds, and to learn to love fishing. I am actively cultivating a connoisseurship for nature.

I think enjoying nature is imperative for Christians. Just as we study God's word and contemplate theology out of devotion, so also should we study and contemplate the creation out of devotion to the creator. From quantum physics to cosmology, from neuroscience to ecology, we should learn to appreciate every facet of our universe. We do this because we want to know more about God, and we want to appreciate his work.

The enjoyment of nature is hard to factor in to my life. I work on computers in a cave. The predominant trends in our society leave us desiring to look at our smart phones rather than gazing at evergreen trees. So I think it is very important for us to make conscious efforts to be outdoors, turn of gadgets, read about nature, garden, set up a telescope, and the like. Doing so is a theological assertion: what God has made is better than what man has made.

Therefore I must resign this blog post. I am planning on reading about patterns of rainfall in the tropics, and how those patterns have changed over time. I expect it to bring about a sense of wonder.