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Readings for August 2013

Two completely different books in one month.

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

Book three of the Wheel of Time series kept things moving at a brisk pace. I have been warned by others that perhaps the series slows down a bit in upcoming books, but I see no reason for stopping now.

Jordan has got me forming strong opinions about his characters, and I think that is an important part of writing an engaging story. I am not sure where the overall arc of the story is going, but I like what I am reading.

Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax

Boys Adrift is the sort of single-issue current events non-fiction book which I do not often read. Kimberly chose it for me for our book exchange this year, and I am glad she did. The book basically makes an attempt at explaining the observation that boys in general in American society are experiencing some relative declines in their achievements. The author addresses culture, environment, and other factors which are playing a part in this phenomenon. As a parent of boys, I am definitely interested in this topic, and so recommend it to any others with boys.


  • Scientific American March 2013 - Apropos of all the NSA surveillance revelations, Erin Murphy reports on the mass collection of DNA by local law enforcement - an increasingly-common practice. Data is being funneled into larger nationally-accessible databases, for good and ill.