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Libya and the apex of cynicism

I have a few brief observations on the war in Libya floating around in my mind.

Turnabout is foul play

It is somewhat amusing to hear recently hawkish Republicans decrying the war in Libya. Suddenly concerns abound among the GOP about the mission, the exit strategy, and the wisdom of going to war while at war.

The downward spiral

While I think the Iraq war's overt aggression is worse than intervening in Libya, I must admit that President Bush had the approval of the US Congress to go to war. Obama just launched the missiles and jumped in head first. Some congressmen are venting their frustration about this, as they should. However, given the history of warrant-less wiretapping and extraordinary rendition and military tribunals, I feel somewhat certain that congress will legitimize this after the fact.

I wonder if Obama and Biden are ashamed of their current actions, given that both had previously been quite vocal about the fact that it is illegal for the President to unilaterally launch a war. Yet we are never surprised by policy reversals in politics. We normally chalk it up to practical exigencies trumping ideology. But perhaps permitting these reversals is even more cynical than my outlook on the American state.

Fool me once

The US needs to stop intervening in civil wars.

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