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I am of the opinion that local politics is the best kind of politics. There are a number of reasons why I believe that, which I won't enumerate here. The trend in American politics is, however, to vest everything in national politics. So I'll offer a couple suggestions of what I think would be better. I'm fairly certain that I've written on this before and discarded the post, so I feel like I'm repeating myself.

Have State Legislatures Appoint Presidential Electors Directly

I think it would be best if state legislatures apportioned electors based on a vote of the legislative assembly. Yes, this is the definition of unpopular. Why would people want to give up their right to vote for President? The benefit comes from empowering local legislatures.

Have State Legislatures Elect Senators

Here I am again, taking away the popular vote again. The Senate was meant to be the representation of the state governments in the federal legislature. Direct popular election doesn't really make sense. Once again, returning the election of senators to the state legislatures would make for better local politics (of course this would take a federal constitutional amendment).

Increase the size of the House of Representatives

When the US got its start, there were about 30,000 people for every representative in the federal House. Now there are over 600,000 (and even over 900,000 in some districts). I think practicality is what keeps the number at 435. But it is way too hard to compete with nearly 1 million other people in order to communicate with your elected representative in congress.

Yeah, sure

I happen to think that federal system as established by the founders was pretty smart, and I'd like to see it implemented anew. Probably none of these will happen. Oh well.

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