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Vertically integrating pollution

When I see a an all-electric "zero emission" vehicle, I think of the old deflection: "I gave at the office." In this case, "My emissions were back at the power plant."

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Remember the quips of November

On a Sunday evening . . .

  • The great solipsist novel must be written in the first person.
  • The essence of being a twenty-something is thinking society is stupid but being unable to articulate (or even theorize) a superior alternative.
  • Zombies are an apt metaphor for capitalism, but it is the corporate executives who are the zombies, not the consumers.
  • The good shepherd left the 99% in the wilderness and went after the 1% that were lost.
  • If your denomination has its own Bible translation, you are probably doing it wrong.
  • I'd like to propose a new taxonomy of Christian churches based on sermon length.
  • The theoretical physicist is to the natural sciences as the theologian is to philosophy; both are trying to find the grand unified theory.
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There are only two types of rhetoricians: those who present dichotomies and those who don't.

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Language cliché

The Chinese word for "crisis" is composed of elements that signify "cliché" and "etymological fallacy."