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A new epoch in Biblical Studies

Yesterday I received via email the SBL newsletter, and this was the top item:

New Submission Policy: Beginning in January 2012, SBL is requesting that all manuscript submissions to JBL be sent electronically. Hardcopy submissions will no longer be accepted.

In seems that biblical scholarship has been forced into the twenty-first century!

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SBL Lapsed

I realized today that I had let my SBL membership lapse. I had been an associate member, but I am considering upgrading to the full membership, in case I decide to submit papers to next year's round of meetings. The best thing about the membership was the access to JBL, though I did not use it as much as I should have. Yet I think I'll re-up even though the previous year's membership was not as useful to me because I'd like to renew my participation in biblical studies.

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SBL Greek Language and Linguistics opening up

Via Mike Aubrey, some very good news from Randall Tan and Cynthia Westfall, co-chairs of the SBL Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics section:

Starting with 2011, we are strongly encouraging all presenters to make available on our website any content from their presentations at [SBL Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics] sessions that they are willing to make public for distribution. This information can be submitted both before & after presentation at SBL. This content can be extended abstracts/summaries (beyond what has previously been submitted to the SBL program book), handouts, PowerPoint presentations, links to online content from presenters’ own websites/blogs, etc., up to & including full papers.

Sharing data, papers, and presentations about biblical studies is a good thing. There is little doubt that this website will become an important resource in short order. I am glad to see SBL embracing the importance of centralizing and sharing this information. There is nothing about licensee standardization so it seems they will take anything. Hopefully we'll see a lot of Creative Commons licensed work posted.

Now an SBL member

Yesterday I noticed a pilots' organization magazine belonging to my brother-in-law, and it lit a fuse in my brain. I should be a member of a "trade" association for my field.

So I signed up for the Society of Biblical Literature. It is obviously a pertinent choice for my studies of the Bible. The main benefit for me is access to their journal JBL. However, it will also be helpful to be a bit more "plugged-in" to the field than I have been. I signed up for the cheaper associate membership, since I don't expect to be submitting papers in the next year. Hopefully it is worth the money.