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Thesis Done

I have finished revision and formatting and proofreading and polishing, and I am ready to turn my thesis in tomorrow. Finally! It feels good to have that monkey off my back. Will post the final result soon.

In other news, I think we heard an escaped monkey in the wetlands. I am not making this up.

Thesis First Draft Done

I have completed the first draft of my thesis Short Goliath, which is an examination in the textual discrepency between the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Old Greek (a.k.a. Septuagint) accounts of the story of David and Goliath.  This feels really good, because it has been a long time coming, including a break from working on it for most of last semester.  Now I will start the revision process, which will be fairly involved.  The final draft is due the first week of April.  Once I have the paper in a form I like, I will be posting it here under a Creative Commons license. Here are some gory details:

  • 83 pages
  • 23,656 words
  • File saved: 477 times
  • Total edit time: over 45 hours (just on this one document - doesn't even come close to total time committed)
  • File created: April 22, 2008

The Mighty Sling of David

The Old Greek version of the story of David and Goliath has a rather interesting addition (in bold below):

And Dauid stretched out his hand into the bag and took out from there one stone and slung it and struck the allophyle on his forehead, and the stone penetrated through the helmet into his forehead, and he fell on his face on the ground. (NETS)

Now that is one hard slung rock!