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Readings for February 2013

We welcomed our second son into the world this month. I celebrated with lighter reading.

"The Wasteland" and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot

In my occasional pursuit to read some of the classics of English-language literature, I picked up this slim volume from a local bookstore. I had not read T.S. Eliot before, so I was helped by some introductory materials. Yet I'll admit that I probably read through the works a bit too quickly to have been considered a serious treatment.

As with most poetry I was somewhat engaged. I found Eliot's early poetry in this volume to be more accessible. I am by no means dedicated to the silly proposition that "real poetry has meter." However, after reading a lot of Eliot, I cannot help but be impressed by the poets of old who evoked strong feelings anddid it in time. Though I guess with poetry of Eliot's era, the medium is (part of) the message.


  • Harper's January 2013 - I bet you thought Harper's was too sophisticated to cover arena football. Well, you are wrong, and Nathaniel Rich's article on the league is fantastic.
  • Scientific American October 2012 - Stephen S. Hall informs us of what some have guessed, that our DNA is not mostly "junk" and that scientists are working on discovering the purpose of the unknown bits.
  • Harper's March 2013 - In some sort of disaster, I misplaced the February 2013 issue. Luckily this is the 21st century, and I'll catch up online soon. In the mean time, Richard Manning's article on the "fracking" boom in North Dakota is a good read, and comes at a time when exposes on the ills of fracking are quite prevalent (see National Geographic, et al).
  • Tin House #54 - I love the "Lost & Found" section, the review of old books. Alexander Chee introduced me to Julian May's science fiction, which I may have to read.