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Readings for June 2018

New month, new books.

Void Star by Zachary Mason

Void Star seemed risky to me. After all, it invokes "artificial intelligence" in the back-cover blurb, and being a "near-future techno thriller" based in San Francisco sounds like the set up to being possibly terrible. However that was not the case, with Zachary Mason delivering a very good read.

The style and voice of this novel is fantastic. From the level of sentances on up, I felt it was finely crafted. The impression it gives is perfect for the story. And it does get the near-future noir mystery just right - not that there is a single "right" way of doing it, but it avoids the many hackneyed wrong ways of doing it.

I truly enjoyed this novel, heartily recommend it, and will look to read another of Mason's in the future.